3-Stage water filter system


This custom-built 3-stage water filter system is configured with the best products available. Clear housings with air-bleeds provide visibility to all filter cartridges. Every fitting is double-sealed and all ports are outfitted with o-ring quick-connect fittings that enables easy and fast connections.

Water-softener helps avoid scale buildup, increases the life of appliances, prevents rust stains, improves taste/odor, helps with rough or dry skin, and increases lathering of soaps.


3-stage filters

1st: 5micron
2nd: 1micron
3rd: .5micron

Water Softener

On-The-Go Double Tank

Hoses & Fittings

Camco w/stress-relief, solid brass fittings and quick-connect couplings

3-Stage Filter Pack:
(Housings, Cartridges, Hose w/couplings)
Shipping = $35


Complete System:
(Filter Pack, Cartridges, Softener Filter, Hoses w/couplings)
Shipping = $65


Custom 3-Stage Filter System connected to Soft Water Filter
View the fully configured system.